Friday, November 12, 2004

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Like life, this blog is a work in progress. I just added the HaloScan comment option for all of my posts. I’ll be adding more linkage to the sidebar as time goes on. I’m also thinking of becoming an amazon associate, since I plan on pimping out good books, movies and games. Any thoughts, my millions….and millions of readers?

It’s a grey day here in New Jersey and that sums up my mood today. Just one of those days that seems to be taking up space. It amazes me how stupid drivers get at the slightest hint of precipitation. Of course I’m all for being a safe driver, but not to the detriment of the traffic flow and not overly cautious where you fear driving near the speed limit.

Looking forward to playing the PS2 tonight after watching the taped episode of Lost with my wife. It is one of the handful of shows worth watching and if it isn’t the best show on TV, it comes pretty damned close. Probably like most people, my wife and I have our own favorites and nicknames for each character. Dr. Jack (Matthew Fox) will always be Charlie, from Party of Five, Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) will always, of course, be Merry from LOTR, this only confuses matters when referring to each character, and I suspect it was intentional. My favorite characters are probably the the Big Guy (Hurley) and Kate. Besides the fact that Kate is gorgeous, she is a complex character, she’s gorgeous, we still don’t know too much about even after her spotlight episode, and she’s gorgeous.

This show is a prime example of good storytelling, the writers reveal the situation and for lack of a better word, “the world” of the story through the characters eyes. The writers leave just enough unexplained to keep viewers hooked. We learn about a different characters past on each episode, and as the season moves on this works well to throw you off balance, since as the show builds up you may begin to form your own past for each character, and when the episode focuses on that particular character, you have to adjust your view of the character. There is no better example how well this worked than on the character of Locke. The guy I really want to find out about is Sawyer, who comes across as the eeevil one.

Received some cool news in the e-mail inbox yesterday, I’ll soon be receiving review copies of KJ Bishop’s World Fantasy Award nominee The Etched City and the re-release of George R. R. Martin’s Fevre Dream. Martin’s book has been long out of print, and Bantam Spectra is smartly reissuing the book for eager readers of his A Song of Ice and Fire saga looking for something to tide them over until A Feast for Crows publishes, hopefully next year. Fevre Dream was also nominated for the World Fantasy Award when it first published, and is considered one of the finest vampire novels ever written, and as Mr. Martin himself puts it “Bram Stoker meets Mark Twain.”

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Anonymous said...

Nice, compact little blog.

Looking forward to reading your thoughts about 'Fevre Dream'. It's virtually a dream come true for horror fiction with vampiristic overtones set in the victorian era enthusiasts like myself... Not to mention those who have read 'Life on Mississippi' [sic, sp?] several times.