Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Fair Review and Talisman

I posted my review of the World Fantasy Award winning anthology, The Fair Folk edited by Marvin Kaye and published by the Science Fiction Book Club. I think ACE is publishing a trade paperback version of this soon, if they already haven't. I liked it, and felt 4 out of the 6 stories were standouts with the other two still good and interesting stories.

I was browsing the world's greatest time waster/killer, as I'm won't to do, because I wanted to find something on the Stephen King/Peter Straub collaboration, The Talisman. This was a favorite book of mine when I was younger and still remains so to this day. I think a character's name was eluding me for some reason. Anyway, I stumbled across this. On the Friday nights when I wasn't playing poker in high school and early college, my friends and I would get together and play Talisman. The game would often last into the wee hours of the night. My one friend, let's just call him L.O.C., (if he happens to be reading this he knows who he is), had all the expansion sets to the game. I don't even recall how he got the game, but damn was it fun.

Through that entry, I found out a new edition is coming out later this year. I must own this. I remember a limited edition of the game coming out a few years ago for $75. I just wasn't able to get it at the time. Also, when traveling was part of one of my previous jobs, I would search out the bookstores and gaming stores where I was staying in hopes of finding the game. Oh I found it a couple of times, but at prices upwards of $100 to $200. I hadn't realized how popular and cultish a game it was. Let's hope the edition coming out at the end of the year is a bit more affordable.

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