Friday, January 18, 2008

Weekly Writerly Wrap

Some new things for authors whose work I like:

John Marco recently sold a YA Fantasy series, tentatively titled The Skylords, to DAW

Tad Williams relaunced a new official Web site

Patrick Rothfuss explains the delays to Wise Man's Fear. I've intimated before and I will again (as I did with GRRM), I would rather the author take some extra time to make the book better rather than rush to the end. It always bears out in the book

Jim Butcher is publishing a non-Harry Dresden novelette in the Dresden universe with Subterranean Press. Get this, Mike Mignola will be providing illustrations. Sounds like a can't miss to me.

I'm really trying some new approaches to writing with the new project I started - working off an outline, approaching chapter construction differently, and being more focused on the goals of each chapter and how that relates to the overall book/story. It feels right, so I need to get back to writing it.

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