Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Shadowrealm Reviewed

I was a little busy yesterday, so I neglected to mention that I posted my review of Shadowrealm, the concluding volume of Paul S. Kemp’s Twilight War trilogy

Something else Kemp did with this trilogy, was to broaden his canvas as a storyteller. Though one might have expected this trilogy to be simply a sequel to The Erevis Cale Trilogy, Kemp wasn’t content to just repeat himself. The scale of the story, the breadth of characters, and the effect of the events are much more global in The Twilight War than in the previous trilogy. Kemp gave more of a role to supporting characters and if any one character outshone the others it would have to be Drasek Riven. Though an antagonist to Cale in the first trilogy, Kemp wonderfully developed him into at first an uneasy ally, then a trusted friend of Cale in The Twilight War. I’m a bit predisposed to characters who have soft spots for canines, be those animals dogs or wolves (see a little book called A Game of Thrones or Robin Hobb’s Farseer trilogy), so I did take an immediate liking to Riven. That said, I doubt that I’m alone in hoping Kemp puts pen to paper for a Riven solo story.

Not much else today, since I’m working on my 2008 Wrap up post which will see the light of day next week sometime. I see some folks have beat me to the punch in their year-end wrap ups, but I’ll actually wait until, I don’t know the year ends.

Happy New Year to all and don’t forget to vote in SFFWorld’s annual reader’s poll!

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