Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jack Vance Reader Reviewed

That book I mentioned in yesterday's post 'outside' my reading comfort zone? The one I tried that I initially didn't think I would like? My initial suspicions were correct. I got about 1/3 through the book before putting it aside. In that first third of the novel I didn't find myself connecting with the characters or much of the story, outside of one interesting development. This makes me wonder if it was me or the book. I hate that it happened, because I really wanted to both like the novel (who starts reading a novel not wanting to like it) and I wanted to enjoy something that I typically wouldn't pick up and read. Oh well. With the volume of books I read per year, this happens once or twice a year.

In more positive reading news, I posted my review of Subterranean Press's lovely (at least in ARC edition) Jack Vance Reader. Vance is a living legend who doesn't really limit himself with any of his writing.

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