Sunday, August 24, 2008

Books in the Mail (W/E 08/23/2008)

Outside of the one book I've already read and the anthology from below, all these books are sequels or part of a series. I haven't read any of the previous books in any of those series, but maybe I'll try that experiment with one of them. That is, jump in the middle of the series and see how it the book reads. We'll see, here's the list of arrivals.

Riders of the Storm (Book # 2 of the Stratification) by Julie Czerneda Riders of the Storm picks up the story of the Om’ray on Cersi. Led by Aryl Sarc into the mountains, the exiles from Yena Clan face not only the novelty of life on the ground, but their first winter. But the mountains hold a secret from the past that will change forever how the Om’ray view themselves, their world, and their place in it.

Another author who has been on my radar for a while, but haven't gotten around to reading yet.

The Proteus Sail Again by Thomas M. Disch - In this sequel to The Voyage of the Proteus the action shifts from the wine-dark, action-packed seas of Homeric Greece to the noir and noirer streets of post-Apocalyptic New York, where the Author confronts threats of eviction, of murder, and of the extinction of his very identity. Standing by to help are his old shipmate from the Proteus, Socrates, who has become the post-modern equivalent of the Flying Dutchman, eternally blown about from port to sleazy port, and you, the Gentle Reader, a character sometimes mentioned in other novels but never before shown in the round, warts and all.

A famous aged starlet is murdered, radical vegans bomb MacDonald's, and a ferocious Irish Wolfhound named Terror savagely attacks the Author and his loyal and steadfast comrade, Harry, a lhasa apso, in the great tradition of canine superstars, a dog who can take his place beside Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, or Asta.

Anyone interested in the future History of Mankind and of our imperiled planet should not miss this shocking and heart-warming adventure extraordinary rises.

Imaginary Friends edited by Martin Greenberg and John Marco - We’ve all had them. We’ve all needed them. In this fun fantasy anthology, readers are given thirteen variations on what kinds of friends come in handy indeed in times of need. From a toy Canadian Mountie who suddenly comes to life, to a boy and his dragon, to a young woman held captive in a tower and the mysterious being who is her only companion, these highly imaginative tales entertainingly explore the nature of what constitutes a “real” friendship. Writers whose stories included in this anthology include: Anne Bishop, Jean Rabe, Juliet McKenna, Kristen Britain, Donald J. Bingle, Tim Waggoner, and Jim C. Hines.

The Soldier King by Violette Malan - A new novel of high fantasy and adventure featuring martial arts masters Dhulyn and Parno.

Fulfilling their Mercenary contract, Dhulyn and Parno have accepted the surrender of Prince Edmir, heir to the Tegriani Realm. The Common Rule of the Mercenary Brothers states that prisoners taken by them go free and unharmed. But when the War Commander who hired them refuses to honor this agreement, the duo break their contract and escape with the prince. And thus they take the first step along a path that might lead Dhulyn to the truth about her past—or bring them to a magical trap from which there may be no escape.

Zoe’s Tale by John Scalzi - I’ve been talking about his book for the past couple of weeks; Tor sent me the finished/final book this past week.

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