Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sly Mongoose by Tobias Buckell

There seems to be a little bit of backlash about the whole blogger/reviewer open discussion from last week. I suppose that’s to be expected when things tend to get overly dramatic and exaggerated. After all, isn’t that what the internet is for, if not for porn? Andrew does a nice job of settling some of us back down to reality.

Back onto normal scheduling though, as I posted my review of Tobias Buckell’s latest Xenowealth saga, Sly Mongoose to SFFWorld last night. I’ve been enjoying Buckell’s hybrid saga for a while now, having read the previous two novels (Crystal Rain and Ragamuffin) as well as a couple of the short stories set in this universe. There’s a really cool mix of cultures in his far flung culture, with Caribbean and Mexican flavoring all over the place. In addition, the stories are often a blend of genres, from space opera to mystery to steampunk to dystopia with some feel of fantasy to them as well. The words of these terrific novels have been wrapped with some great covers by Todd Lockwood.

He’s got three novels in three years, a forthcoming short story collection, and a Halo novel coming out later in the year? Not bad, not bad at all especially when the quantity and the quality are both pretty high.

Although I assume Pat and I share many of the same visitors, it is worth noting that he posted some more fantastic artwork from the forthcoming Subterranean Press edition of Steven Erikson’s Gardens of the Moon.

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