Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Clone Elite by Steven L. Kent reviewed

I don’t often jump into a book mid-series, especially on something like the 4th book, but I decided to make an exception with Steven L. Kent’s The Clone Elite. The book is the fourth in the military science fiction saga chronicling the life of clone Wayson Harris in a far future as the Unified Authority contends with galactic civil war and alien threats. I enjoyed the book, and here’s part of my review

Although the bones of the plot are relatively straightforward – humanity up against a technologically superior and morally blind enemy, Kent fills out the skeleton with enough meat to keep the pages moving by at a relatively brisk pace. With Harris as the only viewpoint character, the other character’s motivations and emotions are inherently limited. That’s fine, since this really is Harris’s story and Kent does a very capable job of rendering the difficulties, horrors, stress, and camaraderie of war through Harris’s eyes. He also plausibly captured the internal conflicts, jealousies, and strong emotions within a military unit between superiors and officers.

Shawn Speakman wrote a terrific article for Suvuduu about George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series and primarily the delays.

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