Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Throne of Mystery

The last of Joshua Palmatier’s Throne of Amenkor trilogy, The Vacant Throne did what a lot of good final books do: it provided very good closure while leaving enough out in the open to be possibly followed up later. I’ve got more to say about it, aside from the snippet from my review below:
Palmatier employed a narrative technique in The Vacant Throne that is both something new and also hearkens back to The Skewed Throne. As in that novel, chapters alternate from two points of view. However, while one of those POVs is Varis, the other is from a personality/soul from within the Skewed Throne itself recounting the creation of the Throne and the very first Chorl attack. I’m often a fan of such storytelling techniques and I think Palmatier utilized it very well and judiciously.

Tomorrow, I’ll post the interview I recently concluded with Joshua.

I bought and finished the first trade of a really good new series from Vertigo, House of Mystery. All told, this is a very promising start to what I hope to be another long-running Vertigo series. Terrific art by Luca Rossi complements the fantastic story spun by Sturges. Willinghams's story within Sturges's story adds even more depth to what Sturges is doing.

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