Sunday, June 01, 2008

Books in the Mail (W/E 5/31)

Here's what was left at my garage door/front step/mail box this week:
Out of Picture 2: Art from the Outside Looking In edited by Dice Tsutsumi – A beautiful, oversized graphic novel which collects a diverse group of artists. A nice handful of short stories, and some fantastic art.

The Ashes of Worlds by Kevin J. Anderson - The culminating volume in his Saga of Seven Suns, which weaves together the myriad storylines into a spectacular grand finale. Galactic empires clash, elemental beings devastate whole planetary systems, and the factions of humanity are pitted against each other. Heroes rise and enemies make their last stands in the climax of an epic tale seven years in the making.

Tigerheart by Peter David – I finished this in ARC form about a week ago and really enjoyed it. What I received this past week was the final book. I’ll post my review as the publication date gets closer.

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