Thursday, June 05, 2008


Keeping with the Glen Cook theme, I came across this very nice appreciation of Mr. Cook's Black Company. (Via the author himself who blogs at Vast and Cool and Unsympathetic). I'll have something to post about Glen Cook's writing myself next week.

Library Journal covers the Urban Fantasy/Modern-Day Sorcerer. (via T.A. Pratt's LiveJournal)

Cover Art is always a hot topic, at least at SFFWorld, and this weeks Mind Meld from SF Signal is a great panel of cover artists - John Picacio, Todd Lockwood, and Bob Eggleton just to name three.

Pyr keeps doing great things and publishing great books. They've started posting sample chapters of many of their books. Take a look.

The great Comic Book Web site Newsarama was overhauled recently.

I think most of my blogroll has posted this already, but what the hell. Subterranean Press announced Songs of the Dying Earth - The Jack Vance Tribute Anthology. I have an ARC of their Jack Vance Reader on the reading pile. What I've read of his prodigious output, though comparatively small, has been very rewarding.

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