Tuesday, September 09, 2008

People's Choice & SFFWorld status

Something wonky is going on with the SFFWorld server, so folks who are trying to visit the main site or the forums please be patient. The server was moved to another facility about a week ago without warning and has been going down ever since. Hopefully this will be resolved soon. Right now the site is up and working, but I thought this was the case a few days ago and yesterday it went kerflooey.

In other news, I won the “People’s Choice Award” at a charity chili-cook off over the weekend. This was the second year for the cook-off and whereas last year the rules were pretty strict (no beans and rather traditional), this year we had free reign to make it how we pleased. Well, beans and stewed tomatoes are a big element in my chili so I was able to make my “true chili.” I’ve been using the same recipe for a base for a number of years; I’ve honed it and added to it each time I make it and was especially pleased with this batch. Some key ingredients always remain though; in one word: Bacon.

There were two awards, the award I won and the Judges award. To be honest, I think in any of these things, the People’s choice is tougher since you have to please more people. In the end, I got a trophy, bragging rights and a gift card to my favorite local restaurant.

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