Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Isis and The Gathering Storm

With Hallowe’en only days away, what better time than now to post my review of a gothic supernatural tale of death? None better, I say, none better. To that end, the review in question is of Isis by Douglas Clegg, a short book that should be read in one sitting for the best effect. It’s a nicely designed book with terrific illustrations by Glenn Chadbourne.

Isis is a very short tale, clocking in at only 113 pages of very large type with haunting illustrations by Glen Chadbourne. The tale follows young Iris Villiers from her pre-teen to teen years as she comes of age alongside her twin brothers at Belerion Hall, where their family recently moved just before the start of the novel. The tale takes place in the 19th Century, placing this story very much in the gothic tradition. Clegg tells the story in Iris’s voice through the first-person narrative and the words flow very well, realistically, and with a great air of believability. Through her voice, Clegg captures the naïve innocence of selfish youth very well.

When the story takes a turn for the worse, Iris cannot help but ignore the warnings of Old Marsh and we see the ‘be careful what you wish for’ adage come into full effect. The story then, comes across as a fairy tale in the dark tradition of the Brothers Grimm.

Oh, and there’s a new book in a small little fantasy series publishing today. I’m not sure if people have heard of it - The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson.*

At by SFFWorld, we set up two discussion threads:

The Gathering Storm - Wheel of Time Book 12 Official Discussion SPOILERS
The Gathering Storm - Wheel of Time Book 12 Official Discussion NO SPOILERS,

*I don’t think I could rightfully consider myself a FSF blogger if I didn’t mention the book.

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