Wednesday, June 25, 2008

8 Years & Blame Aidan - Delany not Delaney

Today is an interesting and great day for two reasons:

1) Mrs. Blog o' Stuff and I celebrate eight years of being married today. The day we got married was the hottest day of that summer (and one of the hottest days I can recal and the hottest day I have ever worn wool), which was made even more oppressivley hot by the fact that we were married in a national historic landmark without air conditioning. It was the best day of my life and led to the best couple of weeks in my life - our honeymoon in Hawai'i.

2) Neil Gaiman linked to me.

Well, it all started when Aidan posted the SFX list (with Samuel "Chip" Delany's name spelled incorrectly :)) and we started commenting. Then Larry and Adam (Adam Part II) decided to make it a blog post, then I made it a meme, and Andrew the Antimucker joined party to make it official. Then Neil Gaiman linked to me. Wow.

Folks coming here from Neil's blog - Hi, I'm Rob and this is where I rant about things like Science Fiction and Fantasy books and link to my reviews of those books, movies, sports, music and whatever other minutiae catch my fancy. Stay for a while, add me to your blog roll, pour yourself a proverbial pint of season-appropriate beer and relax.

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