Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Temporal Void by PFH at SFFW

Here’s the usual quickie post announcing my latest book review. This time, it’s Peter F. Hamilton’s The Temporal Void, the second book of his Void Trilogy. For grand scale Epic Space Opera, it doesn’t get much bigger than Hamilton. I liked the second installment of the trilogy a little bit better than the first (The Dreaming Void). Nonetheless, here’s the snippet of the review:

The Temporal Void really is two intertwined novels under one cover – the Waterwalker storyline which takes place in the Void and the effect of the expanding Void and Living Dream movement outside of the Void could conceivably stand on their own as two separate books. Both ‘novels’ are compelling, with the Edeard story being slightly more so. However, considering the book (at least in US ARC form) is large enough to stop a rhino in its tracks, the read was quick and engaging thanks to the best pacing I’ve read from Hamilton. (Admittedly, I’ve yet to complete what many consider his landmark work – The Night's Dawn Trilogy). The link between the Waterwalker’s world and the Commonwealth seem tangential at first, but Hamilton hints at connections between the two throughout with further hints of a more concrete connection perhaps to be revealed in the concluding volume, The Evolutionary Void .

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