Tuesday, June 09, 2009

City Without End reviewed

Kay Kenyon has published ¾ of her stellar and sweeping four book series The Entire and the Rose. Lat night, I posted my review of City Without End:
Kenyon skips around from chapter to chapter focusing on the various people affected by Quinn’s actions, people in both the Entire and the Rose (Earth). One of the aspects about the previous volume I would have liked to see embellished was Quinn’s estranged daughter Sydney who has adopted the name Sen Ni in the Entire’s colloquial as her name to further embody her distance from Earth. Here, Kenyon shows how Sydney has completely enmeshed herself in the politics and climate of the Entire and the distance and time away from her father has affected her. Kenyon sets father and daughter on opposing ends of conflict and the painful tension in their interactions comes through very well.
In short, she excellently manages to make the book (and series) feel intimate and Epic.

It’s been a busy few days outside of the Blog o’ Stuff, so this may be it for the week.

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