Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tuesday Reviews - Sanderson, Abercromie, and Newton

It’s Tuesday, so that must mean it is review time at the o’ Stuff. Technically, my review was posted to SFFWorld yesterday, but the Tuesday post announces it to my millions…and millions of readers. It’s a bonus week in some ways since Mark/Hobbit, my pal and colleague at SFFWorld, posted two solid reviews over the past couple of days. The book I reviewed is Brandon Sanderson’s latest novel, Wabreaker:
Sanderson tells the story of a land ruled by a faceless God King and focuses on the woman (Siri) who is sent to be his wife. That core of the plot feeds several subplots – Vivenna, the sister of the God King’s wife (Siri) trying to save her; a brewing war between nations; the machinations of the Gods who live amongst men and just who and what the God King really is.
So, after a successful trilogy, Brandon Sanderson has given readers a done-in-one (for now, at least) Epic Fantasy novel that is engaging, entertaining, and like his Mistborn trilogy, gives a new lens with which to view familiar elements of a pleasing story.

Mark’s reviewed two highly anticipated novels for 2009, at least on the World Wide Intarwebs. Best Served Cold by Joe Abercrombie, about which Mark says:

The great news is for those who thought Joe couldn’t top his First Law trilogy, this one is up there.

As a result of his enthusiasm and good buzz for the book from a couple of folks at BEA, I’ll be starting this one today.

The other book Mark reviewed was Nights of Villjamur by Mark Charan Newton. Here’s a blurb-quote from Hobbit/Mark on this one:

Imagine a book that reads like Joe Abercrombie, set in a Jack Vance-like Dying Earth and written with characters the equal of Moorcock and Mieville. Too good to be true? This book might just meet your expectations.

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