Friday, July 31, 2009

Jordan/Sanderson's The Gathering Storm - First Review

As I’ve said before, with the Wheel of Time series finally coming to a conclusion in the not too distant future, I’ve been growing nostalgic to re-read some of the series and catch up with those volumes I’ve not yet read (Knife of Dreams and New Spring)

Dragonmount, one of the (perhaps THE) premier place on the intarwebs for all things Wheel of Time, posted a very early review of The Gathering Storm, which is of course the 13th volume co-authored/co-written by Brandon Sanderson. As a fan of Sanderson’s writing I think he’s as good a choice as any especially considering how much of a fan he is of the books.

Anyway, the reviewer, Jason Denzel, has some upbeat and encouraging things to say about the book. The review is lengthy and contains spoilers, but here's a good point:
The most obvious fact in all of this is that Brandon put his heart into this book. Even though it’s a thick tome, none of it feels padded or rushed. Before he was the writer tasked with finishing this series, he was a fan like you and me. He clearly knows what fans like and dislike, and has crafted a novel that primarily follows in the footsteps of its predecessor while also delivering in a way that he knows will go over well with the crowds.

Eventually, I'll start my re-read and maybe either post some of it here or as Official SFFWorld reviews.

The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

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