Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Wake by Robert J. Sawyer - Reviewed

Robert J. Sawyer is one of the genre’s most recognized and decorated writers with a lot of his novels having either been nominated or receiving genre awards. I’ve read a couple of his books and enjoyed them (Factoring Humanity and Starplex) so I was pleased to receive a review copy of his latest. Sawyer’s one of those authors I enjoyed, but just never managed to pick up again. That said, I posted my review of that latest book Wake, the first novel in his new WWW trilogy yesterday. Ace is very much behind this book in a strong way, with a nice dedicated site to the series: http://wakewatchwonder.com/ and Rob (as he does for all of his books) has a nice page for the book on his Web site: http://www.sfwriter.com./exw1.htm.

Anyway, here’s the usual snippet from my review:
Wake centers on Caitlin Decter a young girl blind from birth. Despite this handicap and moving from Texas to Canada, she has adjusted pretty well and is able to browse the internet through a text-to-voice interface that reads the Web pages to her. One day, she receives a promising message about a new technology developed in Japan that might allow her to finally see. What she gets is not exactly the vision for which she hoped, for this procedure allows here to see the connections of the World Wide Web, which she comes to call her Websight. She begins to see something else though, something that respond, something that seemingly has free will and the ability to act on its own.

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