Monday, May 26, 2008

Books in the Mail (W/E 5/24)

Lord Tophet by Gregory Frost – this is the direct sequel to Shdowbridge, which I really enjoyed earlier this year. This is probably the book I’m looking forward to reading the most from this week’s haul.

The Velvet Chair by Jennifer Stevenson - hot-blooded romantic fantasy--the follow-up to "The Brass Bed"-- the sexy, supernatural adventures of a feisty heroine and her lusty 200-year-old demon sidekick continue.

The Age of Conglomerates by Thomas Nevins – after reading the description copy that came with the book, I was slightly reminded of David Louis Edelman’s Infoquake.

Now that they are in power, there are no more checks and balances. The Conglomerates, and their mysterious party chairman, have taken over everything and everyone. There is no one left to stop them. Forty years in the future, in a world where Big Brother runs amok, a powerful political party known as the Conglomerates has emerged, vowing to enforce economic martial law at any cost. Dr. Christine Salter, director of genetic development at a New York medical center, is in charge of “genetic contouring,” the much-in-demand science of producing the ideal child. But Christine is increasingly troubled by odd events, including the strange disappearance of Gabriel Cruz, a co-worker for whom she has a developing affection, and the fact that her latest assignment–making the Conglomerate chairman more youthful through genetic engineering–is an especially dangerous task.

The Man with the Iron Heart by Harry Turtledove – the master of Alternate History’s latest twisting of the past. Here, Hitler’s number 2 man Reinhard Heydrich, was not assassinated in 1942 changing the outcome of WWII and the rest of history drastically.

The Guy in the Hat and the Realm of the Shiny Craniums by James Rollins. Some tie-in to a little movie now in theaters.

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