Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Booky Bloggy Post

Since I’ve been writing reviews, I always try to improve what I do. My aim when writing said review is to convey my thoughts about the book I’m reviewing as lucidly and, perhaps more importantly, as honestly as possible. Providing a balance between addressing what I think important and rambling for too long is a tenuous act. Larry, who often provides good fodder for thought on such things, has an interesting post today about reviewing books that are re-thinkings / re-imaginings / pastiches / homages to earlier works. This is especially timely since I just finished Peter David’s fine Peter Pan pastiche, Tigherheart.

A new Web page is now up for the Neil Gaiman/Dave McKean’s The Graveyard Book. Some of McKean’s illustrations are highlighted and they look awesome. McKean is so versatile and can put together great images in a so many formats. Right, next thing I’ll say is that the sun rises everyday.

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