Wednesday, May 21, 2008

SFFWorld: Discussions of the Week

Something I may start to feature regularly is a highlight of a couple-few discussions in the SFFWorld forums that are "tearin' up the charts." Maybe it will be a weekly feature. Maybe I'll post the topics more frequently. Who knows. I do know I haven't followed up on any with any Catching up with the Classics* features like I promised all of you, my loyal readers. (all 7 of you).

This may be redundant, since many of you might be members of the forum anyway. Here goes.

In Fantasy forum, one of the hotter, more recent topics is 2008 debuts, wherein our members (including me) talk about books that have or will debut this year. Go figure with that elusive title. The heart of the discussion is that there doesn't seem to be a clear cut OMG THIS IS THE BEST DEBUT NOVEL THIS YEAR, LIKE NO OTHER WRITER, blah blah. What are you waiting for, go tell us what YOU think.

In Science Fiction forum, we have recent original anthologies. This topic has been floating around for a while, but people who like to yell for the death knell of short fiction should check it out just to see all the interesting anthologies publishing nowadays.

In the Writing forum, the Post your Progress Thread is always popular.

In our George R. R. Martin sub-forum the debate/discussion about when the next book is going to publish is always a hot topic: ADWD- October release?

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