Thursday, May 22, 2008

Implied Spaces and a Sample Chapter

I just posted up my latest review, Implied Spaces by Walter Jon Williams. There was a lot going on in the novel, Williams managed to throw in just about every subgenre of speculative fiction into the mix to good effect. Prior to this I read (and really enjoyed) his disaster novel The Rift and his Star Wars: New Jedi Order novel Destiny's Way. I shouldn't be surprised I liked Implied Spaces as much as I did because of my past experience with his writing (as I said limited) and the quality of the stuff NightShade has been publishing. The cover is awesome, too.

It’s been up a while, but Paul S. Kemp has a sample from the last entry of his Twilight War trilogy up for perusal. I’ve got (and had for a while, sorry taking so long to get to it Paul) the first two books in the new series. I reviewed his Erevis Cale Trilogy last year and enjoyed it more than I expected, proving that Shared World fiction can indeed be above the bar, quality reading.

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