Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Dragon Book by Dann/Dozois

First, let me wish a Happy Birthday to Sesame Street!

Second, the real reason I know all you millions and millions of my readers visit this blog on a Tuesday – review time! Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois have been assembling themed anthologies for nearly twenty years together, which is just a portion of their individual bibliographies. Their latest collaboration The Dragon Book: Magical Tales from the Masters of Modern Fantasy is the subject of my review this week:

Arguably, Dozois is one of the most renowned anthologists (Datlow, Greenberg, and Hartwell/Kramer being the other luminaries) in the genre so an invitation to contribute to an anthology in which he is (one of) the editor(s) is a sign of acceptance in the genre. In this volume he and Dann have pulled together an eclectic array of stories featuring perhaps the most iconic figure of fantasy literature from a solid group of contributors.
Tad Williams plays with language and communication in A Stark and Wormy Night. The clever trick of the story posits humans as the legendary creatures and dragons as the dominant and ‘real’ species of the world. This story was quite a bit of fun.

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