Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Starfinder by John Marco - Reviewed

I’ve been enjoying John Marco’s novels ever since I read his first one, The Jackal of Nar back in 2000. He has a new novel, Starfinder coming out in a week so I figured now would be a good enough time to post the review. The book is the first in a series he’s calling The Skylords and Starfinder is a promising start.

Starfinder is a coming-of-age tale that may be familiar in its structure to many readers, but the backdrop against which it is set, while also containing familiar elements, has been shuffled around freshly to give the story a nice sense of fantastical wonder. Marco does a great job of showing the Reach through the eyes of Moth and Fiona, for as he encounters mermaids and centaurs, his sense of wonder at meeting these creatures resonates quite well. His meeting with the Skylords, the Greek/Norse god like higher beings who rule the Reach, comes across quite entertainingly. This is especially true with the youthful “reverence” he shows when told he must respect these once-legendary powerful overlords of humanity.

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