Thursday, April 21, 2005


Disney's official Narnia Web site

I read all of the books a couple of years ago and considering a number of the people who helped to create the Lord of the Rings films are aboard for this one, I'm expecting good things. I assume Disney is as well, since this could be the beginning of a very lucrative film franchise.

These last few weeks have been extremely hectic, with me saying to myself by about Tuesday or Wednesday, I can't wait until this week is over. Then the weekend flies by and I'm back in the same rut the following week. The consequences of all that are less writing, reading, and blogging than I would like.

The best thing this week, though, was going to the Yankees game on Monday night. Friends had four free tickets right ON TOP OF THE YANKEES DUGOUT! I could have shaken Jeter or Mattingly's hand I was so close. It was one of the few wins the Yanks have had so far this year, and it was just a great time all around.

I will hopefully have more to reading, writing and posting time soon.

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