Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sports, Books, and Midgets

Nine years a row and counting for my two favorite sports franchises - the Devils making the playoffs and the Yankees winning their home opener. Last night’s clinching game for the Devils was very exciting, but they way they’ve been letting leads slip in the third period is a bit worrying as they head into the playoffs. On the other hand, last night’s victory was their 8th in a row, so they just might be the hottest team in the league right now.

Some nice news from Gary and Gabe, I think this will be great for both of them.

I posted my not-so-positive review of The New Wave of Speculative Fiction – The What If Factor edited by Sean Wright.

As much as I was pained during my reading of Savage Messiah, Hal Duncan’s Vellum is having the opposite effect on me. So far, the book is living up to all the hype it received last year when the UK published the book first..

Lastly, via Hornswoggler, battle of the midget Kisses. We all knew it was inevitable.

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