Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Devil is Done...for now

Well, things happened a bit quicker than I expected and the ending wrote itself. I can officially say I've completed the novel. At this point, I'm calling it Devil in the Barrens, although I don't know if that is final. I like the sound of it the more I repeat it to myself, but who knows. Maybe when I do the first edit/re-write something else may come to mind. Of course, I've only finished the first draft. The sucker needs to sit for a while untouched and stay away from me so I can look at it with fresh eyes, touch it up, and cut it apart with my editorial hands.

I also know the story continues in another novel, but I don't want to start that until I give the first book another re-read. I realized fairly early on in writing Devil I wanted to tell a story about these characters and the worlds they visit in more than one book.

Besides, I've got a couple of other unfinished novels I want to complete, perhaps one by the end of the year. I'm also going to work out some short stories I've been mentally throwing around for a while. All I know at this point is that I have a number of stories I need to tell.

The Sopranos ended with a family scene, like most of their season-ending episodes end. I wasn't too thrilled with this half of the last season. Sure there were some interesting points along the way, but I found myself more annoyed than entertained.

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