Friday, April 27, 2007

Black Thunder

Having a basement really makes one hate rain. Last night the thunderstorm had to be one of the most powerful I have ever felt. My house/town was clearly at the eye of the storm since the thunder and lighting were simultaneous. At one point, one of the thundercracks nearly scared the shit right out of me, and I normally love thunder. I have never heard anything so loud and powerful in my life, my house was shaking as the thunder grew louder, rather than dissipating. I looked out my window and could tell immediately that power went out in the entire town. The thundercrack was powerful enough to set off car alarms going in every direction. All in all, it was quite eerie.

In good, or more normal news, I posted my review of Richard Morgan’s Black Man a day ago, after having received an advance copy from UK publisher Victor Golllancz. Readers in the US will see the book published very soon from Del Rey as Thirteen. I suggest picking it up, under either title.

In moment of serendipity, the collaborative interview with Richard Morgan, quarterbacked by Pat ( and supported by Adam (, William (, and myself went up at Pat’s blog today. Go read the my review, the interveiw then get the book. Black Man may be the one of the most talked-about SF novels of the year, and for good reason.

7 in a row for the Yankees; it is embarrassing.

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