Friday, February 24, 2006

Minor post & links

I decided to sign up with LiveJournal, if for nothing else to have an account with them.

Allan Heinberg will be writing the new Wonder Woman series when it launches. I thought the arc of JLA he co-wrote with Geoff Johns was OK and his Young Avengers series is pretty well received. Of course I'll give it a chance, but despite the last few issues of Rucka's run on WW being crap, Heinberg does have some pretty big shoes to fill.

Via Franklin and his new blog, I came across this very well thought-out article by the Bookslut, Jessa Crispin. For the most part I agree, as a reviewer for SFFWorld, and hearing what the other reviewers have said about vanity/self-published book titles, she pretty much nails the points.

I may be the last one to point this out, but ABC is starting up a Masters of Science Fiction anthology show. Sounds good to me.

Don't have time for more blogging now, until next time.

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