Thursday, February 16, 2006

Now We Know Why Hurley Hasn't Lost Weight

Two weeks in a row with strong Lost episodes, that hasn't happened in a while. Of course, the f-tards at ABC are skipping next week. This is becoming quite annoying, just when they build up the show's momentum, ABC decides to wait two weeks to show a new episode, and this is the second or third time they've done this during the second season. However, I don't think they will pull any April Fool's jokes on their audience. As it was, there were a lot of things to like in last night's episode. Sayid is a pretty complex character, so anytime the focus is on him, I'm happy. When I saw Clancy Brown's name on the opening credits I admit it, I was excited to see where the Kurgan/Lex Luthor was going to pop up. As soon as Kate's father mentioned a superior with whom Sayid would be meeting, I figured it out. Jack was being unreasonable last night, I thought and I'm pretty sure the numbers flipped to Egyptian Hieroglyphics just before Locke entered the numbers.

I liked the Oz references, too, from Henry Gale to the Hot Air Baloon down to Sayid's quote about it "always being inside me," a reference to the Tin Man. I'll be surprised if none of the characters mention the Oz references, considering what a cultural icon the Oz film and stories have become over the years. I nearly forgot about Danielle still hanging around the island, so I had a bit of a WTF moment when she popped up again.

I think the resolution of the frog hunt also showed us how sick of bastard Sawyer is capable of being. Overall, a solid episode.

Lasty, for the first time in maybe 5-10 years, I bought an X-Men comic book.

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