Saturday, May 06, 2006

Crooked Genre

Timing, serendipity, coincidence, call it what you want, but it is there. I've been plowing through Sean Williams newest book, The Crooked Letter published by Pyr and I go down my blogroll on the right and find that Jonathan Strahan posts about the book on his journal. A short time later I discover Sean Williams keeps a LiveJournal, specifically this post wherein he discusses genre. It is an interesting take and I can see in his book, how he is playing with a lot of conventions of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Mythic Fiction, and playing with world Religions, in general

The Crooked Letter is a very interesting book and I am taking my time with it, enjoying every dark step of the way Mr. Williams guides me. It isn't a pleasant journey for the characters, but for the reader, that's another story. I'll keep the remainder of my thoughts to myself until I finish the book and post my review. Let's put it this way, I like this book enough that I want to pick up more of his books. I've heard great things about his Space Operas with Shane Dix.

I finished Kit Reed's The Baby Merchant earlier in the week and was surprised by how much I liked it. I only say that because I didn't know what to expect from Ms. Reed, but I was satisfied when I finished it. Review and interview with Kit Reed to come soon.

Because I like free good fiction as much as the next guy, I figured I'd drop a note about the venerable The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Apparently, they are giving away one copy of the July issue, which has a Matt Hughes story in it, as well as a new Terry Bisson story. I've been enjoying Hughes Archonate stories in the magazine, and I've been meaning to get a subscription to the magazine again. I had one two addresses ago, but never renewed. Must change that soon.

Not much else to report right now, work at the new job is crazy-busy, which is a good thing. The days go by much faster.

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