Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lost Babies

Review of Kit Reed's The Baby Merchant and my interview with her are now posted at SFFWorld.

Well, that was two hours of intriguing television, especially the last five minutes. At first I thougt, "Convienent, they kill off a couple of characters, divide the camp, so naturally another plane will crash." However, the reveal that Pen (Desmond's girlfried) was funding the search for presumably Desmond throws another layer into the story. It also kill the theory I've seen that the rest of the world is gone. I also thought he guy on the phone with Pen looked a lot like Jack.

I didn't expect Pen to be on the other line, I thought it would have been one of the Others. I also thought the statue foot was an intriguing addition, too. Could the Others be the lost civilization of Atlantis? It would play on the word of Lost. At first, I thought Pen's was Hanso, it looked like the guy in the shadows of the Hanso commercial. (I keep wanting to call him S.R. Hadden from Sagan's Contact). However, I'd be willing to bet the two, or their respective companies, are connected.

I really hope Desmond isn't dead after just returning, although I think Echo and Locke are done.
Was Kelvin (Clancy Brown) sent to the hatch by the Others?

"Henry Gale" to Michael - "We are the good guys."

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