Monday, January 22, 2007

Space Pirates, Wizards, and Honey

Over the past year or two through the good graces of Pyr, I’ve been introduced to Mike Resnick’s fiction. This is a good thing, because I've come to really enjoy his work. I’d known his name but never came across any of his stories or books. Well, the three books I’ve read by him have me wanting to read more. The latest Resnick book I read was Starship: Pirate, and I posted my review today.

I caught the Dresden Files in between the Football games yesterday, but found it difficult to stay with Dresden, at least the first showing, during the Pats/Colts classic. What an incredible game. Not only was it an incredible game, but the Patriots are out of it and Peyton finally gets to the big game. As for Dresden, the first episode did its job of keeping me interested enough to tune in for the next episode.

I was very happy to find Samuel Adams Honey Porter back on the shelves of liquor stores. It was one of my favorite brews from the Boston Beer company and I was sad to see it disappear from shelves years ago. I think it is a bit sweeter than I remember, but still very tasty. I’ve found that I enjoy the Sam Adams specialty beers much more than the Boston Lager or Boston Ale. In the summer, nothing, absolutely no beer is better than their Summer Ale.

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