Sunday, September 29, 2013

Books in the Mail (W/E 2013-09-29)

A total of one new arrivals this week from Jo Fletcher Books.

The Swords of Good Men (The Valhalla Saga #1) by Snorri Kristjansson (Jo Fletcher Books Hardcover 01/07/2014) – Viking fantasy! This was originally published in the UK in the summer of 2013, it will be hitting US Shelves in January 2014.

To Ulfar Thormodsson, the Viking town of Stenvik is the penultimate stop on a long journey. Tasked with looking after his cousin after disgracing his father, he has travelled the world and now only wants to go home.

But Stenvik is different; it contains the beautiful and tragic Lilja, who immediately captures Ulfar’s heart. Because of her, he persuades his cousin to stay. But Stenvik is also home to some very deadly men, who could break Ulfar in an instant.

King Olav is marching on Stenvik from the East, determined to bring the White Christ to the masses at the point of his sword, and a host of bloodthirsty raiders led by a mysterious woman are sailing from the north. But Ulfar is about to learn that his enemies are not all outside the walls..

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