Monday, November 22, 2004

Godzilla and goodbye to 'Ringo again has posted nice, informative essay, this time a Godzilla overview by Godzilla uber-fan and artist extraordinaire, Bob Eggleton. In it, Bob mentions Godzilla receiving a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and I say, it’s about time. I grew up watching Godzilla and have been somewhat of a closet fan of the Big G for my whole life, though I haven’t seen any of the newer ones since Godzilla versus Destroyah and Godzilla 2000, perhaps a trip to the flea market will change that. What can I say, something about giant monsters fighting appeals to me.

Distressing comic news, via Near Mint Heroes as Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo will be leaving Fantastic Four after the current Galactus Storyline. A solid writer/artist team leaving is often a disappointing thing, and Waid & ‘Ringo have been doing a bang-up job for the past two years. Marvel says the new creative team will blow our socks off, or some such ridiculous marketing fluff; I hope there is some truth to that, but the new creative team will have big shoes to fill, indeed. Will it be Bendis or Millar, their go-to-guys? I hope not. FF readers will just have to wait and see.

Here in New Jersey, Speilberg and Tom Cruise are shooting a War of the Worlds remake. This marks two War of the Worlds films in production right now. Cruise & Speilberg did some good things in Minority Report, though, I have to say, I don't have high hopes for WotW.

Not much else, just wanted to add a couple of trivialities in addition to the new linkage on the righ.

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