Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Some people will ask, really do we need another blog? Yet another clown's rantings and ravings of his life, readings and experiences? Who knows, I don't for sure, but the Internet is a place for people to just ramble, like I am now. I guess this is amounts to an exercise to get me more in the habit of regular writing, considering I hope to be a published writer someday.

Still reading through Jonathan Strange, and for the most part enjoying it. On the horizon is Tad Williams' Shadowmarch, a book I've been looking forward to ever since Mr. Williams began publishing "episodes" of the novel online a couple of years back.

One of the better books I read lately, and reviewed in my capacity as *official* book reviewer for SFFWorld was Jacqueline Carey's Banewreaker, the first part of a duology that boils down to, in the simplest terms as a retelling of The Lord of the Rings. It is much more than that, of course. Do yourself a favor, my potential blog-reader, check out my full length review and pick up the book yourserlf, it is in stores now.

One of the other things I plan on doing here, besides pimping out my SFFWorld reviews, is spotlighting an author of the week, this week it is the aforementioned Tad Williams who's novel Shadowmarch, published just last week.

I'll also be blogging about the comics I buy every week or two. Since it's a slow week for me, with only two books coming out (Identity Crisis #6 and JSA#67) I'll hold off on dropping by the comic shop until the all important payday next week. Yes, I'm pretty much a DC-guy when it comes to the hero books, but next week, possibly the best book on the shelves Ex Machina, publishes the sixth issue. Scripted by the amazing Brian K. Vaughn with spectacular art by Tony Harris, this is comic has been delivering for 5 months now, and a new story arc starts next week (HINT - A GREAT JUMPING ON POINT FOR NEW READERS).

In sports, my cousin's youth hockey team, the Icehouse Avalanche, continues to roll along in their awesome undefeated season. The boys had a tough season last year, so we are all thrilled to see them winning games and tournaments. My much-better half and I are somewhat obsessed with the team, having travelled up to Mass. to watch them in the annual Haunted Shootout tournament the past couple of years.

So yes, count me a pissed of NHL fan that those jerk-offs can't come to terms with the likely cancellation of the season looming over hockey fans everywhere.

The Yankees have signed up Joe Girardi as their new bench coach, which is probably the best move they've made in quite some time. Joe is one of the best baseball guys around right now, and will make a great manager someday. Could he be the heir apparent to Joe Torre? Only time will tell.

And in other news, I turned the big 3-0 this past weekend. What does my lovely lady get me? PlayStation 2. I am so jacked up about this, on the one hand I love video gaming, on the other, well I love video gaming. There are so many games I need to play, good thing my best friend has had a PS2 for a couple of years and even better, he has beaten most of his games.

I've done the writer of the week, one other "of the week" I'll be doing is a Beer of the Week. This week's beer is Harpoon Winter Warmer. I think I got an early batch of it since I've only found it one liquor store, and my dad, the King of Beer himself can't seem to get his hands on it, he he. This is a dark beer, with some holiday spices like cinnamon and nutmeg mixed it. Every season has a special beer, and for me, this one is the one I probably look forward to most of all, every year.

Well enough for now, drop a comment and let me know what you think. I'm off to do some novel writing.

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