Sunday, November 21, 2004

Let me take you down to..

Took my wife to Avenue Q over the weekend. I gave her the tickets for her birthday and the date for the play/musical arrived. And damned, if the writers didn’t have me in mind as the target audience for the thing, then I’d like to meet that target guy and say it sucks to be me. But seriously, I’ve seen a number of Broadway shows and Off-Broadway shows, and I can’t remember having a better time, laughing out loud and just shaking my head in agreement at what the puppets and actors were singing and saying.

And for a change of pace today, we went to see Saw. This movie was very good, with a lot of good misdirection going on. The ending was one of the great Holy Shit moments for me, in terms of thrillers/horror flicks. A lot of people have already seen The Grudge, but Saw I think is the one they should see. Gave you the same How the hell did they think of that feeling as Se7en.

Comics blurbs…
Ex Machina #6 – start of a new storyline, and possibly more clues into The Great Machine’s powers.

Superman/Batman #14 – not bad, Pacheco’s art was great, this one has possibilities. I was thinking of dropping the title, though I’m always a sucker, at least in comics, for alternate realities.

From last Week JSA#67 – pretty good story, but I’ve got to say, the art was a little bit of a let down. I think the inker really overpowered Dave Gibbons art. I always thought Gibbons drew a great Superman, but this didn’t look like his Superman.

Fantatic Four #520 Waid & ‘Ringo are spinning out good solid superhero stories.

Still on the pile are Wonder Woman #210, Conan #10.

Not much else for now.

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