Friday, February 25, 2005

Off to see the Witch

Going off to see Wicked tonight with Mrs. Blog o’ Stuff. Her parents gave us the tickets as a Christmas gift. We both read the book and really enjoyed it quite a bit. However, I think I liked it a bit more than her, but I also wasn't as frightened of the flying monkeys in the film as was Mrs. Blog o' Stuff. Not that the flying monkeys really factor into the story of Wicked, I just wanted to type flying monkeys.

Today also marks the 4.5 year mark of our marriage and is also our Godson’s second birthday. He is quite possibly, the most charismatic 2-year old I have ever known.

Last night, like every Thursday night between October and May was my bowling league night. I had a pretty good night, but unfortunately, we didn’t win any games. The first game is a snapshot of how this season has been going - I’m the “lead off” bowler, the first on the team to bowl, and I bowled a 204 – well above my average, and a clean game to boot (I threw a strike or spare every frame). However, the “lead off” guy on the other team threw a perfect game, a 300. Shit like this has been happening to our team the whole season.

I finished Young Miles by Lois McMaster Bujold yesterday. This is an omnibus of two novels (The Warrior’s Apprentice and The Vor Game) and one novella (The Mountains of Mourning). I’d been mildly hesitant to try the Vorkosigan novels for a couple of reasons. I have never been too thrilled with Baen’s mainly Military SF list, the cover art was less than appealing, and the books seemed almost too much like romance. Boy was I wrong. Thanks to the good folks in the forums I moderate, and some fellow bloggers, I purchased Young Miles (Yes, I know this is not the first, chronologically, but the store didn’t have Cordelia’s Honor at the time). Miles is very short of stature and brittle of bone, something that sets him up as a target for scorn, hatred and prejudice. He is also the son of one of the most powerful men in the galaxy. Bujold puts Miles in some tough situations, and through his great intellect, ability to think on his feet and sheer will power, he gets through things better than he had any right to get through them. He is a bit arrogant, but just through the three stories in Young Miles, he has grown as a character, and grown on me. Suffice it to say, I am hooked on following Miles adventures.

As always, Lost was great on Wednesday. These characters are full of surprises and even the ones aren’t particularly likeable (Jin, Sawyer) are intriguing. It looks like next week is finally going to show Hurley’s back-story, who did pop up in Jin & Sun’s back-story.

I'll be hitting the comic shop tomorrow to pick-up the haul from the last two weeks:

Ex Machina #8
Green Lantern: Rebirth #4
GrimJack: Killer Instinct #2
Conan #13
Batman #637
Flash #219
Wonder Woman #213
Fantastic Four #523 **
Seven Soldiers #0

** Sadly this is the final issue of the Waid/Ringo era. After reading JMS's Amazing Spider-man on and off for the past couple of years, I am a little cautious about what he's plonning on doing to the FF. Though Mike McKone on pencils should be good.

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