Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Author! Author!

Cool things continue to happen in the SFFWorld forums. Last month K.J. Bishop joined in our monthly Fantasy Book Club discussion about her debut novel, The Etched City. This month, Jeff VanDerMeer is participating in our discussion of his novel, Veniss Underground. Karen Traviss also said she would stop by the discussion about her book City of Pearl in the Science Fiction forum. Of those books, the only one I haven't read was Mr. VanDerMeer's, but I really need to rectify that, ASAP. I read his first book The City of Saints and Madmen, and thought it one of the most imaginative, surreal and wonderful books of that year.

Watching Celebrity Poker right now on Bravo and goddamn is Chris Kattan one annoying little bastard. He sucked on SNL and he almost sucked the life out of the show tonight. Mary McCormack, on the other hand, wow is she flaunting what she has.

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