Friday, January 06, 2006


I mentioned this book late last year*, but I really think it is worth mentioning again. Elemental: The Tsunami Relief Anthology is being published later this year by Tor Books. Granted, I know one of the editors (Steven Savile) through our activities at sffworld, but this is an impressive and important book nonetheless. With all new stories, the list of contributors is quite impressive, from honored writers such as Brian Aldiss, Larry Niven to more recent standouts such as Jacqueline Carey and Martha Wells all topped off with an introduction by none other than Sir Arthur C. Clarke.

Proceeds will go to the efforts in rebuilding after last year’s devastating Tsunami in Southeast Asia. I’ll be mentioning this one again, but keep it in mind – good fantasy and science fiction stories for a good cause.

*It still feels odd using that phrase, it often takes me until at least February, usually March to stop using the previous year when writing down the date.

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