Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Truthiness, HA! HA!

I've been watching The Daily Show for a while now and two of my favorite people from that show are no longer on the show, and haven't been for a while. Steve Carrell was always funny on the show, and he is now all over the place in films and being the most hilarious asshole of a boss on The Office.

His sparring partner from Even Stevphen now has a great show following The Daily Show - The Colbert Report. Thanks to BoingBoing, I came across Colbert's recent interview in The Onion. Of course the interview tuoches upon Truthiness and surprisingly, Stephen R. Donaldson and Poul Anderson, albeit briefly. Colbert was always funny and I always enjoyed the segments when he and Jon Stewart were unable to hold their laughter. I also thought the Even Stevphen bit with a drunk Steve Carrell was hilarious, too. Anway, I think it is cool to see both of them doing well now.

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