Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year & New Review

With 2006 underway, why not start it off with my first book review of the year? In this case Tobias Buckell's fun, inventive debut novel, Crystal Rain. The short of it is that I liked it a lot, for the long of it here's the review.

Mark/Hobbit and I had a nice e-mail conversation over the better part of December, summing up our thoughts on what the year of 2005 brought us in Fantasy and Science Fiction. It turned out pretty well, I think, take a look.

Spent a nice, relaxing New Year's Eve with Mrs. Blog o' Stuff last night. New Year's Eve doesn't hold the same party-magic it once did. I went to NYC one year for New Year's, it was rainy, cold and a long night. Once was more than enough for me. I've spent many of New Year's Eves less than sober, so relaxing last night was good. I think last year will be tough to top, what with Mrs. Blog o' Stuff and I moving into the new house and all, but either way, 2006 will hopefully bring many good things to us, as well as all of you.

Mrs. Blog o' Stuff's Christmas theme this year for my gifts was Beer and Hockey, I got a bunch of cool Guinness swag, as well as other assorted beer and hockey apparrel. Who am I to complain? The parental units, through various Christmas gifts, are continuing to help build up the Man-room in the basement to something very cool, keeping with the beer and NY Yankee theme and a brand new TV/DVD/VCR combo. And of course, what would Christmas have been without some FarScape DVDs and Absolute Watchmen? Nice, obviously, but all of these cool gifts just iced the cake.

And remember, GO JOIN/VOTE at SFFWORLD for your favorite FSF book of 2005

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