Friday, May 02, 2014

Interviews A-Plenty at SFFWorld: McClellan, Posey, and Robertson

This past week at SFFWorld, we managed to post a fairly high number of author interviews. Well, relatively speaking of course with three interviews (as well as a guest post from one of those authors).

On Wednesday, my interview with Brian McClellan was posted.  Brian's second Powder Mage Trilogy novel, The Crimson Campaign publishes on May 6. 

On Monday, Dag's interview with Freya Robertson was posted, Heartstone the second installment in her Elemental Wars series published just over a month ago. 

The author with the double-whammy is Jay Posey.  Not only did Dag post an interview Jay Posey on Tuesday (4/29), Jay also provided a guest post. (I am reminded I still want to catch up with his debut novel Three). 

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