Friday, January 14, 2005

Muppet Terror

Current Terror Alert Level
Terror Alert Level
From Scott, because who really doesn't love Muppets?

Here's the list of books I hope to get/read from this year's releases. Hell, if I get to at least half of them, I'll be happy. I usually play catch-up and read stuff from previous years and manage not to get to all of the current year's releases

Justina Robson Natural History (01/05)

Matthew Stover's Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (04/05)
Karin Lowachee Cagebird (04/05)

John Marco Sword of Angels (05/05)
Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean Mirrormask (5/05)
Robert E. Howard Bran Mak Morn: The Last King [reprint] (05/05)

Michael Moorcock The White Wolf's Son (6/05)
Dan Simmons Olympos (06/05)
James Barclay The Cry of the Newborn(08/05)
Greg Keyes The Blood Knight (08/05)
Jacqueline Carey Godslayer (8/05)
Jeffrey Ford's The Girl in the Glass (08/05)
Christopher Paolini Eldest (08/05)
Gene Wolfe Starwater Strains (08/05)

Robin Hobb Shaman's Crossing (9/05)
Neil Gaiman Anansi Boys (09/05)
Philip Pullman The Scarecrow and his Servant (09/05)

R. Scott Bakker The Thousandfold Thought (10/05)

Karen Traviss The World Before (11/05)

Matthew Stover Caine Black Knife (hopefully late '05)
George R. R. Martin A Feast for Crows (??/??)

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