Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Gaiman & Jordan

September 20th. ‘Nuff said. (via Neil's blog). I'll be re-reading American Gods just before this one publishes.

Not new news, but well…Robert Jordan’s New Spring is being adapted as a comic book (ComicBookResources, Newsarama). In all honesty, I think the Wheel of Time could work as an ongoing comic book series, and maybe even better than prose. I’ve read the books up to Winter’s Heart and while they are bloated, overlong, wordy, contain a minutia of detail, and extra-long, there are some things of interest in the series. I've since abandond the series for books/series that are actually edited and have an end in sight. I’ll probably catch up with the series once/if Jordan publishes the final book, and I may even pick up the comics. I like Mike Miller’s art, at least from seeing his previous his art on Martin’s The Hedge Knight and the samples at ComicBookResources and Newsarama look pretty good.

I’d always enjoyed the fantasy genre and like many, Jordan’s series pulled me back into reading fantasy when I graduated college many moons ago. For lack of a better term, I’d consider WOT my gatekeeper drug. I still have decent memories about the series and the early books, but re-reading The Eye of the World a couple of years ago, and I enjoyed revisiting the Two Rivers, but it didn’t compare to the likes of Matt Stover, Tad Williams, Greg Keyes, John Marco, James Barclay, Robin Hobb and most of the other authors on my sidebar. Like I said, Jordan’s world is incredibly imagined, richly (or rather almost too) detailed, and will always have a special spot in my reading world because The Wheel of Time kind of brought me back into reading fantasy just after graduating college. At least he isn’t as heavy handed, unoriginal and repetitive as NoGoodkind.

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