Monday, March 21, 2005

Watching absolutely


I need to have this. I have the single issues, but I was planning on the trade to re-read the story for about the 8th time. This new edition sounds amazing and well worth the $100, it is being recolored and contains rarely seen supplemental material with scripts and out-of-print. I recently saw the slipcased DC Graphitti edition selling for about $300. No doubt this new edition will sell well especially considering the film is under production.

I have mixed feelings about the forthcoming film. Hollywood's track record for adapting Alan Moore's work is underwhelming, at best. I've said it on message boards before, so I will say it here: The only way to do this thing justice is to turn it into an HBO limited/mini series, film each issue as an episode, make it 12 episodes.

One of the greatest television shows of all time may finally be getting the proper DVD treatment: The Muppets.

Watched Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real last night on the Animal Planet, and for the most part, I thought it was well done. Like most of these Animal Planet specials (Walking with Dinosaurs, The Future is Wild), they repeated a good amount of the information and scenes throughout the show. For Example, after each commercial break, they recapped what they showed for the previous 10 minutes or so before they jumped to commercial. The special effects are always good on these things, and as in the specials I mention above, I enjoyed how they wove a story around the "science" of the creatures. Patrick Stewart's narration was spot-on.

I watched it thinking it would be 2 hours, it really wasn't. At the 1:30 mark, they started a behind the scenes of how they made the special. It seems everything these days has to have a behind the scenes or "how they did that." This really bothered Mrs. Blog o' Stuff, and she made a good point - the behind the scenes stuff really removed the enjoyable suspension of disbelief from the show. When you are watching the special, the creators make everything seem as if it was genuine - they put it together with the mindset that Dragons, were in fact, real. The "How they did that" threw whole spirit right out the window and ran counter to the spirit of the actual special. Like I said, I was more annoyed by the fact that I felt cheated out of 2 hours of the special.

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