Thursday, March 03, 2005


Another gripping episode of Lost last night, revealing some unexpected things about Hurley. He seemed like a bit of a loner throughout most of the show, but Charlie was flat-out a dick to him. I think by the end of the show Sayid and Jack had more respect for Hurley, they say him as more than the happy-go lucky fat guy. Charlie still saw him as an oddball and didn’t take him seriously. That’s a shame since I think Charlie’s character has been developing rather well.

So we now know Hurley is cursed and for once he actually showed some anger and frustration. I guess the big question, since each episode raises more questions than answers, is this: was Hurley a patient or worker at the Mental Hospital? I wasn’t surprised to see those numbers on what I can only assume was the metal-box Locke and Boone came across. I guess we have to wait until May to see what happens next.

Via Franklin, - Grant Morrison is Evil!


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