Sunday, March 06, 2005


Posted a review of Lisa Tuttle's The Mysteries today. I really enjoyed this novel, it wasn't too wordy (ahem), and I think I now have read the novel she wrote with George R. R. Martin - Windhaven. Up next is Mike Stackpole's A Secret Atlas. I've read a couple of his Star Wars novels and I really enjoyed Talion: Revenat. About 100 pages in and I like it so far, interesting world and good characters.

I liked Battlestar Galactica for the first couple of episodes, but after a while, the slow moving storytelling began to literally put me sleep. It's a shame because the actors for the most part are doing pretty well, the look of the show is good, too. I also missed it the past two weeks so my care for the show and what happens continues to slip. Maybe part of me is comparing it too much to FarScape, a show few, if any Science Fiction shows will measure against greatly.

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