Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Double Your Dresden, Double Your Fun

As the title implies, the two reviews I posted last night are both for books set in Jim Butcher entertaining and enormously popular Dresden Files. However, they are books off the main line of the novels.

The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle is the bound/graphic novel which is comprised of the 4-issue miniseries that graced comic shop shelves over the summer. I picked up both the single issues and received the bound version from the publisher. As my review indicates, I really enjoyed it and think it is a solid introduction to Harry Dresden’s world. I thought the art was pretty good and the story was engaging. The Dabels are going to be publishing comics adaptations of all the Dresden Files novels, starting with Storm Front.

The other Dresden Files offshoot I reviewed was Backup, a novelette coming out this month from the fine folks at Subterranean Press. I thought the story was good, even though Harry was a supporting character, and this length seems a great fit for smaller stories in Dresden Files.

Yesterday, Neil Gaiman’s latest, The Graveyard Book sat waiting for me on my desk, which just bum-rushed its way into my current reading time. I may wind up finishing it today, and it is a lot of fun so far.

Keeping with the spooky theme, Mrs. Blog o’ Stuff, my brother-in-law, his friend, and I went up to the Forest of Fear in Tuxedo NY over the weekend. It was basically a town carnival with a cool haunted slaughterhouse at its center. Of course since I’m the biggest person of our group, I got spooked the most when costumed people jumped from around corners and what not.

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